out-of-the-classroom summer experiences for awesome adolescents

Frequently Awesome Questions

What’s the student-to-facilitator ratio?

Usually 7:1 or better; our camps top out at 14 students total.

Most other day camps start at 9:00.  Why do your programs start at 10:00?

Lots of contemporary brain research suggests that the adolescent mind is wired to stay up late and get up late.  Anecdotal evidence suggests that this is never more true than during summer vacation.  Since we want students in our programs to really use their minds, we want them to get some extra needed sleep every night.

Is there tuition assistance available?

We’d like to make it possible for all interested students to participate in our programs.  If price is a barrier for you, contact us and we’ll work something out.

Is lunch included?

No. Students need to bring their own sack lunch each day.  We are often able to stop spontaneously at yummy bakeries, beverage carts, food trucks, etc. on the go, but bringing food from home is the surest option.

Can my __th grader attend the camp that’s recommended for __th graders?

We’re open to being flexible about these things.  We’ve specified a range of suggested grade levels for each camp, but each individual is of course unique.  If you’d like to discuss your particular situation more, please drop us a line and we’ll get in touch.