out-of-the-classroom summer experiences for awesome adolescents


satelliteGeocaching and The Urban Get-Around

July 24-28, 2017, 10am–4pm

Best for grades 6-9

This camp will begin and end each day in downtown Seattle.

All over the region (and all over the world!), people hide small objects for others to find.  Then they post the GPS coordinates of the hidden object on the web — perhaps encoded by a puzzle — and the hunt is on!  The game is geocaching, and there are hundreds of caches in the city of Seattle alone, most cleverly hidden in a public place that you might pass by every day.  Perhaps there’s one close to you right now?

We’ll spend an entire week taking transit and walking through Seattle’s neighborhoods, solving puzzles, locating coordinates, finding caches (Eureka!) and logging our experience on  Along the way, we’ll visit local landmarks, parks, and historic sites, and appreciate some of what makes this city of neighborhoods so wonderful.

During the week, students will also:

  • Get lots of exercise, walking several miles daily
  • Gain a better understanding Seattle geography
  • Build sense of direction
  • Develop confidence in navigating local transit
  • Learn about how GPS works

Each student will carry a GPS-enabled device.  Students should bring their own smartphone (preferred) or standalone GPS receiver.

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July 24-28, 2017, 10am to 4pm • $325


Justice and The Courts

Note: This course is not being offered in 2017

Best for grades 9-12

This camp will begin and end each day in downtown Seattle.

Interested in law?  Criminal justice?  Watch Law & Order?

We will spend the entire week in the courthouses of downtown Seattle, watching criminal and civil trials in progress.  We’ll sit down for conversations with judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and cops.

You’ll find out what really happens behind the scenes in those courtroom dramas by observing jury selection, witness testimony, closing arguments, sentencing, and more.

This camp is not for the faint of heart.  Spending a week in the courthouse can be physically exhausting (lots of tromping around and sitting on hard benches), emotionally exhausting (courts are the scene of some pretty heavy-duty stuff), and intellectually exhausting (get ready for a crash course in lots of new terms and concepts).  Participants will have to dress and behave respectfully.

The experience, however, promises to be powerful and enthralling.  (Not bad for a week of your summer vacation.)