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Looking forward to being awesome some day

Nic Warmenhoven (lead teacher) has worked in student-centered, progressive education since 2001, including the last thirteen years on the teaching staff at Puget Sound Community School.  When asked what subject he teaches, he’ll respond, “I teach young people how to kick butt at whatever they are passionate about.”  He has created and taught innovative, experiential curricula in politics, law, geography, physics, history, math, literature, programming, drama, organic agriculture, philosophy, cooking, and much more.  He’s also a father, husband, video editor, web developer, cook, bridge player, and amateur farmer.  It would probably do him well to get a little more sleep.

Nic is a graduate of Reed College and Lakeside School.

Prepping for the SAT or ISEE?  Need to brush up on your trigonometry?  Doing summer online courses?  Nic is available for summer tutoring, too.  Shoot him an email whydoncha?